Gaynor ponders JFF presidency

July 26, 2017
Bruce Gaynor

BRUCE Gaynor, interim Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) president, initially declared he had no interest to keep the nation's top football past September's elections. Now he has a change of heart, saying he will make his decision known by weekend.

"It is not something that I have given much thought but it is not something I can say I am not thinking about, but it is not finalised as yet," Gaynor told STAR Sports yesterday.

Gaynor said his decision to reconsider is based on the numerous calls he has been getting to challenge for the JFF presidency.


Make a decision


"I have received numerous request from persons inside and outside the football. So it is something I have to think about. It is something I have to speak to my team about and we will make a decision from there, so I will let it be known shortly," he said.

With the elections set for September 16, Gaynor noted that if he was to change his mind and run, he would have to do so as early as this weekend, so he can begin to put in the ground work.

"Nominations close on August 2, so any decision I make will have to be before that. I will have to be nominated by two parish associations, so I will have to convince two parish associations now, if I am interested, because I had told everyone I was not interested.

"So if there is a change of thought I will have to convince two parish associations to nominate me, first and foremost, then we go to the election. So, by weekend, I will have to make that decision," he added.

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