Humble Lion musical chairs - Hyde replaces Duckie

July 27, 2017

JUST three days after parting company with Donovan Duckie, Humble Lion have replaced him with a former coach, Lenworth 'Teacha' Hyde, who will start officially on Monday, the club confirmed.

"Yes, I can confirm that," manager Sheldon Holness told STAR Sports. "He starts officially on Monday but we will be holding a series of meetings and consultations," he added.

Holness said after Duckie's departure at the weekend, they wanted someone who was tried and proven to take them to the Premier League title, and they saw no better candidate at this time.

"The Premier League now demands a person at the highest level, in terms of coaches in the local coaching fraternity. If we look at the coaches available out there, in terms of experience and quality, Mr Hyde is one of those persons who fits that criteria at this moment," he said


Strong foundation


Holness said the Clarendon club already has a strong foundation and are confident Hyde can take them to the title.

"Humble Lion is presently packed with quality and experienced players, so we need somebody with that experience and quality to manage those players. We have no doubt that we have made the right decision in hiring Mr Hyde. He has won the Premier League three times, so we don't see why he can't do it again. The man's record speaks for itself," he said.

Meanwhile, Holness could not confirm if Hyde's regular assistant, Max Straw, will be accompanying him to Clarendon.

"I can't confirm Max Straw as yet. We are in discussions now and the discussions are not finalised as it relates to Max Straw," he said.

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