KSAFA backs Stephenson

July 29, 2017

The Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA), which initially nominated Clarendon Football Association (FA) President Michael Ricketts for the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) presidency, has now switched allegiance from that candidate and has thrown its support behind former leader, Ambassador Stewart Stephenson.

At a KSAFA executive meeting to decide on the matter on Thursday, KSAFA President Wayne Shaw said members were split, but that the majority voted to stand behind their previous boss.

"Yes, we are supporting him," Shaw told STAR Sports. "Not everyone agreed, but that is how it is. It's a democracy but the majority counts," he commented.

Shaw, who was general secretary to Stephenson during his second stint as KSAFA president from 2014 to January of this year, said although there was opposition to Stephenson's decision to run, he is pleased that his former boss has joined the fold for the nation's top football job.

"I know I am happy he did (join the race). Ambassador has been around football for a long time and he's a good administrator. With him leading, the JFF will be better," Shaw said.

He added that although his association's intention was to support Ricketts, Stephenson joining the race changed all of that. "We only can nominate one person, and once Ambassador is running, KSAFA is going to support him," he stated.

Stephenson initially declined to run for the JFF presidency, insisting it was not a paying profession. However, since the world governing body (FIFA) announced that there will be a change in the constitution to allow national football association presidents to get paid, starting next year, the former ambassador to Cuba has had a change of heart, and has also promised each parish FA president a substantial monthly salary, if elected.

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