Sandals South Coast to play home games at STETHS

August 11, 2017
Cavaliers' Alex Marshall (left) turns away from Sandals South Coast players Junior Neil and Ron Daley (right) in their Magnum-Charley's JB-JFF Red Stripe Premier League qualifier at the Stadium East field on July2.


Sandals South Coast will host their home games at St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) for at least part of their debut season in the Red Stripe Premier League which begins on September 3.

The team's regular home ground at Crocs Lawn in Westmoreland is currently being refurbished and will not be ready in time for the start of the season.

Team manager Andre Palmer confirmed that STETHS is the club's preferred choice over Frome Sports Club and means the team will travel away for home games.

Work started late in July on Crocs Lawn to upgrade the surface, and put in changing rooms for teams and officials as well as stands to accommodate spectators in order to meet the requirements of the competition.


Historic qualification


"The venue is not going to be ready for the start of the season, but we are expecting to play games at Crocs Lawn during the season. Now, STETHS will be our home turf," Palmer confirmed yesterday.

Sandals South Coast gained historic qualification to the nation's top-flight league last month by finishing second in the Jamaica Football Federation's play-off series behind winners Cavalier SC.

With regards to new players Palmer disclosed that the club is looking to add six players in different positions to boost the squad.

"We have had some new faces in training, but we are not ready to disclose names yet. We are looking to add six new players before the transfer deadline (August 25)," the team manager disclosed.

He also said that training is "excellent" although head coach Aaron Lawrence is absent because while he prepares the national Under-15 Boys team in Kingston for the CONCACAF League in the United States of America this month.

"They (players) will be in shape for the upcoming season," Palmer shared.

For the opening game, Sandals is tentatively set to play reigning champions Arnett Gardens on September 3.

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