Candidates turned on me

August 14, 2017
Danny Beckford

Danny Beckford, the only delegate who did not nominate either of the two Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) presidential candidates, Michael Ricketts or Ambassador Stewart Stephenson, said he is still weighing his option as to whom he will support.

Beckford's received only one nomination at last month's nominations - he voted for himself- eight nominations went to Ricketts and four to Stephenson.

Beckford said candidates turned on him at the last moment to support Stephenson.

"I am disappointed because a week and a half before (nominations) it was boiling down to two people, me and Michael Ricketts but it seems that some of the people that were leaning towards me or Mike, started to call ambassador and when he came, they switched from me," he noted.


Better manage


However, Beckford insists that the candidate that can increase the resource supply to parish associations so they can better manage themselves is the candidate that will get his vote.

"We haven't decided yet. We are looking at what they bring to the table first. So if anyone go near to what we were proposing, they will get our vote," he declared.

Beckford said that he had not heard officially from any candidate as to their plans.

"We haven't heard from them (candidates) and the direction they are going but the biggest thing is resources to the parishes so they can better manage themselves," he said, adding that where the candidates were concerned, it was a matter of a choice between the lesser of two evils.

"By this coming week we will hear from them and we will know better where we stand but we said what we said and if that (proposals) is put in place then I will give the support because we need the resources in the parishes. By next week we will hear from them and then we can decide," he added.

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