Team Black Fire takes top prize Nutramix Domino Regional

August 25, 2017


Despite losing at three previous regional rounds this year, the members of Team Black Fire remained committed to the sport of domino. Their efforts bore fruit last weekend, as they emerged winners in Regional Seven of the Nutramix Double Six Domino Tournament held in St. Mary.

"I like the logics of the game and the memory component. I kept on entering because I know that the opportunity was a good one," Oraine Howell of Team Black Fire explained.

His game partner Paul Brooks was also upbeat about their win.

"The experience was a good one. It made me want to come back and win and that's exactly what we did last weekend. I really like the competition spirit of domino," said Brooks, a poultry and pig farmer from Keystone, St. Catherine.

Howell, a poultry farmer from Crooked River, Clarendon grew up in a family that has been involved in farming for many years. He gave the thumbs up to the organisers of the competition.

"I think that this is a good competition for the farmers. Usually you have to pay to enter competitions like these and most of us enjoy playing domino. Big up to Nutramix for putting on this competition," said Howell.

The seventh regional round took place last Saturday, August 19 at the St. Mary High School in Highgate.

The atmosphere was a competitive one, as players battled to win cash and Nutramix feed, among other prizes. Team National which comprises Horaine Franklin and Ray Rochester, finished in second place.

Team Black Fire won a cash prize of $50,000, 100 baby chicks and 20 bags of animal feed courtesy of Nutramix, while Team National won 50 baby chicks and 10 bags of animal feed.

The eighth and final regional round in the Nutramix Double Six Domino Tournament is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 9 at the Montego Bay Community College in St. James.

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