Mi jus a come! Admiral drafts Waterhouse Dream Team

August 30, 2017
Dasha Satchwell (right) of Arnett Gardens moving away from Shawn Genus (Reno FC) in a Premier League encounter at the STETHS Sports Complex in Santa Cruz earlier this year.
@Normal:Tremaine Stewart (left) tussles with Zaine Sebastien Francis-Angol (centre) and Tamarley Thomas of Antigua and Barbuda in a World Cup Semi Final Round qualifying match during his stint in the Jamaica senior men's team in 2012.
Reno's Chevar Menzie and then Maverley-Hughenden player Rodico Wellington (right) battle for the ball during their Red Stripe Premier League match at Barbican on Sunday, April 9. Wellington has now signed with Waterhouse.

Glendon 'Admiral' Bailey yesterday told STAR Sports Waterhouse will have "his" identity when the Premier League kicks off on Sunday.

Bailey said he was brought in last November, given a job to save Waterhouse from relegation. Having done so, he has crafted a 32-member squad, "his team".

"Last year I adopted the team, but this year it is my team, meaning my style of play, philosophy and all of that. It is looking good in pre-season," Bailey said.

"I have increased the squad from 25 to 32 players. That, itself, speaks a lot. We want to be competitive, we want to compete, not just participate. For two seasons the club found themselves in situations where they have fought relegation on the last day.

"This year we have prepared enough for that not to happen. My intention this year is to make top-six to challenge for the title. The first priority is to make the top six," he added.

Dasha 'Iron Dawg' Satchwell, a key member of Arnett Gardens' championship team, has left Tony Spaulding Sports Complex to join Waterhouse. Satchwell is a hard-tackling, no-nonsense central midfielder.

Former national defender Shawn Lawes has joined from Reno. He is expected to return from overseas on Friday. Lawes is an imposing defender, who reads the game well. Ricardo Harriott, also formerly of Arnett, is the brother of national player Rosario Harriott, is also at Waterhouse to add defensive strength.

Bailey also drafted four players from relegated Maverley-Hughenden including Rodico Wellington, a pacey attacker and goalscorer. The other players who crossed the road from Maverley-Hughenden to Drewsland are Shamar Dyer and brothers Denardo and Ricardo Thomas.

getting better

Coach Bailey is impressed with Samar Rowe from Christian Pen who was selected from trials.

"He is the find for us. He plays in midfield and will be starting, I can tell you," Bailey said .

"We have a Venezuelan, Christian Hereira, who is acclimatising and getting to know the language. He is a flank midfielder, who is getting better every day," said Bailey, a two-time Premier League champion coach at Tivoli Gardens.

Former national midfielder and Portmore United midfielder Tremaine Stewart is another Waterhouse addition, a tremendous talent who also played overseas.

"I am pleased with the team that I have. The attitude is brilliant. We just came off a weekend camp in Mandeville, which was mainly for bonding. We have 16 new players so it is important for the players to know each other. The camp worked wonders.

"We have put in a lot of work. This is a different team in terms of mentality. I want the fans to know that we are working hard to make them happy again. The management team is fully behind the team. They have faith in what we have done," Bailey added.

Waterhouse will play away to the University of the West Indies (UWI) on Sunday, at UWI Bowl, starting at 3;30 p.m.

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