Damion says he's his own man

September 05, 2017
Jamaica's Damion Lowe (left), celebrates with teammate goalkeeper Andre Blake during Jamaica's Gold Cup match against Canada at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Jamaica won 2-1.

Jamaican defender Damion Lowe said it is not 'father like son' on or off the football field for him. Damion, the son of former Reggae Boy Onandi Lowe, had his temperament tested in a friendly international against Canada on Saturday.

Canada's 16-year-old forward, Alphonso Davies, threw a boot that just missed the defender's face, catching his shoulder. Lowe, 24, did not retaliate. He fell to the ground, clutching his face. Davies was afterwards red-carded.

The young Lowe said Reggae Boyz supporters have been congratulating him on his mature behaviour, pointing out that were it his father, it would have been a different story.

"It was never father like son, like that," he told STAR Sports. "People always try to compare us, but I am trying to make my own path and write my own history," he said.




"Of course, he is my role model. I am trying to surpass his success but things like that are in the game and players will retaliate. You have to be mature and know what's best for your team, not only you. Football is a team sport. Had I retaliated the team would be down to 10 men with two goals against," he reasoned.

The temperamental and outspoken Onandi had regular disciplinary run-ins with football administrators, officials, and media throughout his career. His unpredictability was so much that at the 1998 World Cup, coach Rene Simoes refused to play him, saying he feared the powerful forward would have picked up a red card.

Damion emphasised it is important to keep a cool head for more reasons than one.

"I am a full-time pro. I am going into my fourth year as a professional and I see it every day, players get hard tackles and retaliate. You have to keep a cool head to get past that and help your team, especially if you are a main player and your coach can't afford to lose you.

"Plus, you never know who is watching, it can also affect you transferring to another club. So a lot of things come into play when you are on the field. You are tested by it. You just have to react in a manner that is good and professional," he said.

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