Nicholson vows to star in Europe

September 07, 2017

Former Boys' Town striker, 20-year-old Shamar Nicholson, now at Slovenian club NK Domzale, is giving himself two years to earn himself a move to a bigger European club, which his former coach, Andrew Price, believes he has the requisite skills to accomplish.

Nicholson said though most Jamaicans are not aware of football in Slovenia, his intention is to establish himself very early and move to a bigger league.

"I will be in Slovenia and most people in Jamaica don't watch Slovenian League. This is a stepping stone for me. I will give it two years and try to move up, because I plan to go in this season, get adjusted and then next season give it my best shot and see where it takes me, but look out for great things from Shamar Nicholson.

"Going to Europe, it is not easy. Football overseas is played with a lot of intensity, so over there it will be a very high standard," he said.


Get acclimatised


Price also believes once the player can get settled with the weather and the demands of the league, he should be able to make rapid progress.

"If he sets himself those two years, it's possible. The first year will be a learning curve, but once he equips himself and gets into the grove, gets acclimatised to the weather and conditions of the Slovenian league, then I am sure he can excel.

"It is going to be tough, but Shamar has a fighting spirit. He will make the necessary adjustments and get into it right away because he is very ambitious and has the aptitude to be the type of player Europeans like so it's just for him to apply himself and see where it leads him," Price added.

"He likes scoring goals. He kicks well with both feet, likes heading the ball so once he gets the requisite supply he can knock in a few goals and impress his club. The exposure he will get going into proper facilities and proper conditions can only enhance his career."

Meanwhile, Nicholson vowed to give his all.

"Going over there it will be just hard work for me and you are going to see and hear about me," he said.

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