Barcelona future looks dim if Catalonia breaks away

September 09, 2017
FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi (second left) in action during the Spanish La Liga match against Real Betis at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on Sunday, August 20.

MADRID, Spain (AP):

The Spanish football league is worried about the future of the Barcelona club if Catalonia goes ahead with its independence process.

La Liga president Javier Tebas said yesterday that Catalan clubs will not be allowed to play in the league if the region in northeastern Spain unilaterally breaks away from the rest of the country in a contentious referendum planned for October 1.

Tebas said that a deal to keep Barcelona in La Liga would not be as simple as most people may think, and the club would be stuck playing in a Catalan league which "wouldn't be much better than the Dutch league or something like that."

Tebas, an outspoken critic of the independence move, said Barcelona would not earn as much from television rights away from the Spanish league and "certainly won't remain one of the top clubs in Europe."

Barcelona would not be affected as much if the independence were to happen through an agreement with the Spanish government, but things will be more complicated if the break away comes through the contentious scenario currently in place.


Surprised by comments


"I'm concerned about Barcelona's future if the independence happens," said Tebas, who is often criticised by Barcelona fans and players for taking what they call pro-Real Madrid stances in many issues.

"I was surprised by comments that said Barcelona would be allowed to choose where to play," Tebas added. "It must be clearly said that that's not the case. It won't be so easy to reach a deal. Spanish legislation must be looked at."

Spanish law allows only teams in the Spanish territory to play in the league, plus those from the small mountain nation of Andorra between Catalonia and France. That means Barcelona would have to win support from Spain's government and parliament to pass new legislation giving Catalan teams an exception like Andorra's.

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