Brown fired by bearer

September 12, 2017
Carey Brown (left) with legal council Judith Clarke at the anti-doping hearing between sprinter Jason Livermore and the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission at the Jamaica Conference Centre on Monday September 11, 2017.

One drama led to another at yesterday's Independent Anti-Doping Disciplinary hearing against sprinter Jason Livermore, who admitted to having taken a prohibited substance known to be a sexual enhancer.

Jamaica Anti-doping Commission's (JADCo) executive director, Carey Brown, was forcibly fired at the hearing after refusing to obey a directive issued last week to resign his position.

JADCo's chairman, Alexander Williams, yesterday told STAR Sports that the board had "lost confidence" in Brown and had asked him to resign by Friday.

However, Brown showed up at yesterday's hearing and even gave evidence, identifying himself as JADCo's "executive director". He was afterwards handed a letter by bearer, carrying JADCo's logo.

"I can confirm that, yes, his (Brown) services have been terminated to take effect on October 11. He got a month's notice," Williams said yesterday.

Williams told STAR Sports that two cases, in particular, earlier this year, matters involving hurdlers Riker Hylton and Kaliese Spencer, had led the JADCo board to become "dissatisfied" with Brown's leadership of the anti-doping agency.

"We have become increasingly dissatisfied with the assurances that he has been giving the board concerning his monitoring of the sample collection process. Two decisions, especially with Riker Hylton and Kaliese Spencer, in which the Independent Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel (IADP) made adverse comments in the way JADCO commenced in breach of particular rules (was one)," said Williams.

Both cases against Spencer and Hylton were later dismissed by the IADP.

"We expressed concern about his role to monitor the activities of JADCo and stated that we expected tightening-up of procedures. We have lost confidence that we had in him to manage that aspect of his duties and so we took that decision to terminate him," said Williams.




In addition to the matters involving Spencer and Hylton, JADCo earlier this year attempted to appeal a one-year ban issued to cricketer AndrÈ Russell for a whereabouts-rule violation. JADCo tried to have the ban increased to two years, but later retracted its appeal.

Meanwhile, Williams said he expected a smooth transition and that Brown would continue to give evidence in any matters which were still open.

"I've said to him that he should fulfill his obligations as executive director during that period, so if he is a witness he is to continue to be a witness and that all doping matters proceed without any hiccup," said Williams.

He said he expected the role of executive director to be filled in "short order" at the end of Brown's tenure.

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