Williams quits Arnett - Waite cites pay issue

September 13, 2017
Dasha Satchwell (right) of Arnett Gardens moving away from Shawn Genus (Reno FC) in a Premier League encounter at the STETHS Sports Complex in Santa Cruz earlier this year.
Dicoy Williams

Arnett Gardens coach Jerome Waite said the departure of Dicoy Williams and Dasha Satchwell from the Premier League champion side could have been fuelled by the lure of more playing time and more pay from rival clubs.

Williams, an experienced national defender, joined Portmore United after three seasons at the Tony Spaulding Complex. He followed the footsteps of Satchwell, a central midfielder, popularly called 'Iron Dog', who signed for Waterhouse.

The pair were two main players in Arnett's champion team machinery that claimed their second Red Stripe Premier League title in three seasons in April.

"They had their reasons for leaving. It could be that they need more playing time, and it could be due to the situation, financially, at the club why they moved on. Maybe where they are now, they got better offers for pay and for play," said Waite.

"We are hoping they can also make an impact for the respective teams that they have gone to," Waite added, noting that 30-year-old Williams was used sparingly last season and may have been in need of more playing time, but Satchwell more than likely got a better deal from Waterhouse than the one he had with the champions.

"They say life has many obstacles and options. In life, you don't expect to be somewhere forever, so if it is time to move on, it is time to move on.

"The greatest of players move to other clubs at some time in their careers, so if the opportunity arise, where these players see it fit to move on, you allow them to do that, but the future are the ones who are here at present," he added.

Waite said he does not expect the players' departure to have any major effect on Arnett's performance this season.

"We will always be competitive, and our objective is to defend our title," he said.

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