JFF Candidate Profiles

September 16, 2017


Michael Ricketts is a past student of Glenmuir High School in Clarendon. He fell in love with football after watching Vere Technical during the late 1970s. He became manager of Vere Technical in 1980 and led the team until 1982. During that period, Vere won the daCosta Cup and Olivier Shield in 1980; and the Ben Francis Cup in 1982. Ricketts was president of the Clarendon Football Association from 1984-87, then vice-president in 2000. He was returned to the top post in Clarendon and also became chairman of the South Central Confederation from 2003.


Ambassador AB

Stewart Stephenson

Ambassador AB Stewart Stephenson is an attorney at-law, a graduate of Kingston College and the University of the West Indies. He is currently senior counsel with the law firm Kingston, Stephenson and Company. Stephenson was a member of Jamaica's World Cup qualifying squad in 1977. He has served as football administrator for 42 years.

Stephenson has been a member of the board of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) since 1983. He served as president of the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) for a total of 11 years over three periods from 1996-2017. Stephenson was also a KSAFA vice-president from 1983-94 and during that time was a JFF/Confederation vice-president.

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