Myers survives attempted Intercol ouster

September 16, 2017
Sprinter Shashalee Forbes

It was expected to be a fiery meeting at the Annual General Meeting of the Jamaica Inter-Collegiate Sports Association at the Montego Bay Community College on Friday as current President Dalton Myers, in the second year of a four-year tenure, was under fire from former president Anthony Davis, who had questioned his position at the top.

Myers was being accused of not being in the post legitimately by Davis, who asserted that Myers was no longer employed at the University of West Indies, where he was sports director when he was elected two years ago.

However, in the end Myers, an adjunct lecturer at the University, survived Davis' protest and will continue in that post for the next two years.

Myers insisted that he would not step down from the post as he was duly elected and had an overwhelming victory.


My personal business


"I will not discuss in public the nature of my working contract at the University of West Indies as this is my personal business," said Myers when asked by Davis to do so.

Myers also noted that Davis was the president for years while he was studying overseas and also named instances when individuals in the past were presidents and were not employed to any of the colleges.

"The attack on me by Davis is personal and I will not let this get to me," said Myers, who stated that the negative publicity where an anonymous letter was sent to the media last month questioning his legitimacy at the top had taken a toll on him and his family.

In his report for the past year, Myers spoke about the positives, as he mentioned the success of the various sports.

"We were able to send a team to the World University Netball Championships in Florida in 2016, where we managed to finish second despite not sending our strongest team due to visa issues. Our attention is now focused on getting a team to the World University Netball Championships in Uganda, where we hope to send at least 17 persons", said Myers.

Myers also spoke about the recent World University Games, where Shashalaee Forbes mined a gold medal in the women's 100 metres.

"This, for me, was the most difficult. I must express heartfelt thanks to the selection committee and management committee for ensuring we had a team to send to the games," he said.

Members have expressed concern about the association as the present treasurer has been missing for the past two years.

Myers had to read the Treasurer's report and it was moved at the meeting that the treasurer should be removed from that post.

The association has also been without a first vice-president for some time as Ventley Brown, who is now the principal of Spanish Town High, is no longer a member of Intercol. When competition in Intercol sports begin next month, BrawtaSports will now take over as doing all entries for all sports like they have done in high schools.

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