Top quotes from both candidates

September 16, 2017
Ricketts Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer Leon Strickland (left) of Arnett Gardens and Boys' Town's Rafeik Thomas (right) pose with Jamaica Football Federation, third vice president Michael Ricketts after they collected their awards for being the joint top scorers (eight goals each) in the second round of the 2014-15 Red Stripe Premier League.


Michael Ricketts

"Hopefully the healing process after the election won't be long. I have a lot of respect for my opponent and don't want any animosity, the interest is building football."

"I think I have my eight votes and if I do keep the eight, I will be victorious."

"I really want to improve and strengthen the parish associations, so whatever they are getting now I'd certainly want to give them more because if they are strengthened, then the clubs are strengthened. Being a parish president I understand what the challenges are. I would love to have a sponsor that sponsors all the parishes so that there is a common template among all the parishes."

Stewart Stephenson

"Governance is a critical part of corporate Jamaica and the mission is to transform the JFF within two years into a corporate-efficient organisation."

"We can find a place at every level of football development for each of our private sector leaders to play a role in the development of the game. I believe we provide that kind of trusted leadership, experienced leadership that will attract corporate Jamaica to return in a big way to football."

"What I bring to football always is clear accountability and transparency; that's critical. I have been all over the world representing Jamaica signed treaties for the government of Jamaica and all of that so the international side of football is something that would be very familiar territory to me in dealing with the international fora."

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