One big family - Ricketts shoots down talk of victimisation

September 19, 2017
New president of the Jamaica Football Federation, Michael Ricketts (right), gets a congratulatory handshake from Stewart Stephenson, the man he beat for the top job in local football.

New Jamaica Football Federation president Michael Ricketts said there is no ill-feeling or animosity towards his beaten opponent, Ambassador Stewart Stephenson, or any delegate that voted against him at the elections on Saturday.

Ricketts also suggested that his administration could have a place for Stephenson.

"I have said that I am not into any ill-feeling or animosity to anybody who can make a contribution. Ambassador Stephenson and I have a proper relationship. Once he wants to and can make a contribution, of course, the door is wide open," he said.

After Ricketts was declared the winner on Saturday, a shouting match ensued between Hanover Football Association president, Horace Samuels, a Ricketts supporter, and James Pearson, the St Mary president, a Stephenson supporter.

Samuels suggested those who went against Ricketts would be maligned, but Ricketts has refuted that allegation.

"I am not into that and I am pretty certain that my team would not support that. We must operate as a family. If we are to move the football forward that is how we must work," he insisted.

"We must work as a team and the door is open to anybody who can make a positive contribution. Whether they voted for me or voted against me, it will make no difference," he added.

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