Team Red Hills take Double Six crown

September 19, 2017
From left: Samuel Jones, Nutramix area representative, Cleveland Beech, Phillip Beech and Kemoi Burke, events and promotions coordinator, Nutramix.

The Nutramix Double Six final took place at Turtle River Park, Ocho Rios, last Saturday. The day kicked off at 3 p.m. with an open tournament during which players jockeyed to secure a place in the competition's final round.

The Nutramix Double Six Domino Championship seeks to create relationships and gives back to farmers, encouraging potential farmers to get involved in the agricultural industry. It also aims to celebrate the spirit of dominoes, a popular pastime for Jamaicans far and wide.

Spanning three months, the competition featured 16 teams, 13 from the eight regional elimination rounds, as well as three drawn from the open tournament, competing for a cash prize of $250,000, 300 baby chicks, and a ton of feed.

Heated competition filled the air as competitors battled to secure the main prize and bragging rights.

Brothers Cleveland and Phillip Beech heard about the open tournament and decided to try their luck. Well, Lady luck was surely on their side. The duo, playing as Team Red Hills, emerged 2017 Nutramix Double Six Grand Champions.

"One of our club members told us about it, so we decided to come down and participate. Right now, I am feeling on top of the world," Cleveland said shortly after the team won.




"This is our first time entering a domino tournament. I am a lover of the sport because I can't play any other sport. Across Jamaica, I have always been playing dominoes," said Phillip.

The brothers are livestock and poultry farmers from Burnt Side, St Andrew. They used quick thinking and tenacity to win the championship.

"We just put the dominoes in the right and proper way. We also focused and played it clean . That's how we came out victorious," said Phillip.

Team Strike Force, comprising Dexon Daley and Samuel Grant, were runners-up. The duo had also finished second at the competition's eighth regional round, held in Montego Bay a week ago.

"It was a great experience for me and I just hope the sponsors will continue to support the sport of domino, as well as the farmers across Jamaica," said Grant.

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