Adventist church team joins football league

September 26, 2017

A Seventh-day Adventist Church team will be among one of the contenders vying for the Mowatt's Construction Bulls Bay Community Six-a-side Football Championship trophy when the competition gets under way this Sunday.

According to organiser of the league, Yakeeni Malcolm, the Advents Football Club, which comprises members of the Lucea Seventh-day Adventist Church, will take on a challenge from Claremont All Stars in the curtain-raiser at 3:30 p.m., while defending champions Angola FC will face Hopewell Farms FC in the second game at 4:45.

The teams will be vying for the championship trophy and a $80,000 cash prize.

Zone A comprises Angola FC of Brissett; Hopewell Farms of Point Estate; Seven Stars of Esher; Cove Road United of Cousins Cove and Beer Vibes of Bulls Bay.

Zone B consists of Advents FC; Claremont All Stars; Hills FC of Esher; Young Money FC of Lances Bay and Cornerstone FC which is based in Montego Bay. Four teams make up Zone C, namely, Gardens FC of Haughton Gardens; Lances River FC; Friends FC of Jericho and the Lucea-based Sales Reps FC.




"Last year's competition was very good. It was tightly contested right across the board," Malcolm told WESTERN STAR. "The spectator turnout was very good and we are expecting this year to be even better. "

He said two of the objectives of the competition are to build camaraderie in the parish and to attract visitors in order to drive commerce for small businesses within the Bulls Bay community.

"The playfield is right at the beach so after the game, the players and spectators gather there to eat and drink and swim. The community snack shops benefit from the persons coming in for the games, and so forth," he added.

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