Marleys to help Boys' Town?

September 27, 2017
Humble Lion's Ricardo Dennis (right) comes out on top in his aerial duel with Boys' Town's Michael Campbell during their Red Stripe Premier League match at the Barbican Complex yesterday. Humble Lion won the match 2-1.

BOYS' Town Football club is in discussion with the Marley family about assisting with water and irrigation problems that have dogged the club for the last few seasons, forcing home games to be played at the Barbican Complex.

Boys' Town's chief executive officer, Trevor Spence, said the family of reggae icon Bob Marley, a lover of the game, was initially approached to assist with repairs to the pump. However, on further analysis, they realised a long-term solution was needed and the club will look to install solar power for the entire facility.

Initial discussion with the Marleys was about replacing the pump but that would mean getting back on the public grid. However, the solar solution has been better received and other parties are interested in coming on board.

Spence also recommend an upgrade of the irrigation licence to a water-supply licence, so the institutions on the grounds can have a better water supply.

"There has been a discussion about the Marleys coming on and Boys' Town is looking at a solution, not just for the pump, but one that serves the water situation. We are not getting regular water supply. Even the all-age school and HEART Academy truck water in.


Longer-term solution


"We are only licensed as an irrigation pump but we can't pay the bill, so what we are looking at is a longer-term solution. We are looking to provide a solar-driven pump for irrigation," he explained.

"We are thinking about upgrading the well-licensing to a possible water-supply licence. We are only licensed to do irrigation water, so for the purposes of drinking water or for using water at HEART, the water has to be licensed.

"So it's building a storage facility and treating it, but first we have to provide a solar-driven pump to do irrigation. Second, treat the water for drinking purpose, and the third aspect would be for lighting the stadium," he added.

"We have lost supply from Jamaica Public Service because we can't afford it. We are not generating money. We attempted to carry the bill down but it has not worked."

Meanwhile, new club president, Leon Mitchell, said that they have targeted next season for a return to the Collie Smith Complex. Mitchell said that they intend to rectify issues which caused them to play home matches away as well as make improvements to the complex before the team returns home.

"Give us this season. We plan to be back at Boys' Town next season. We have some things to do with the well and some infrastructure to put in place. We want to improve the stands and the whole facility," he told STAR Sports.

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