Fraser penalty gives Harbour View first win

October 02, 2017

It wasn't a vintage Sean 'Matterhorn' Fraser performance and his goal for Harbour View may have come from the penalty spot in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) game against Cavalier at Stadium East yesterday, but the 34-year-old showed he can still get the job done.

The former Clarendon College star gave the Stars of the East their first win from two games after slotting home a 76th-minute penalty, after George Pinnock handled the ball in the box.

Known for his speed and many dribbles in his prime, Fraser has had to adjust his game with age. However, he believes he still has the ability to still score goals at this level and wants to take Harbour View to the championship.

"I am still in preseason," he noted. "I am really grateful for the opportunity coach (Ricardo) 'Bibi' Gardner has given me to get myself back in shape and as long as I keep playing, I will get better," he told Star Sports.

Although he is not yet in the best condition and has lost some pace, Fraser said he knows how to be effective and is looking to get into double figures this season.


More experience


"The more I get older the more experience comes in. I have been playing overseas for 14 years that has helped me a lot, so I am just trying to help the guys here with me so they can get the opportunity to go overseas also," he said.

"Last season, I came in January after leaving Thailand, coach (Ludlow) Bernard called me to come help out and I came in and did my job. This season, it's about making the top six and trying to win the championship and I just want to score some goals. I love scoring goals, so if I can get 10, 15 goals, I will be grateful." he said.

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