After two losses - Tivoli's Edwards rues no home ground

October 04, 2017

After losing their first two matches in the Premier League, Tivoli Gardens coach Omar Edwards said not being able to train at the Edward Seaga Complex has affected the team's preparations, tactically and physically.

"You may be aware that we have been going close to three months without a football field, so we have to be doing a lot of physical and gym work. If you don't have a football field to train on, it is going to be difficult to get the type of team chemistry and tactical work needed to be done," he said.

Tivoli opened the new season with a 0-1 away loss at Frome against Reno and went down by a similar margin to Arnett Gardens in Sunday's late game, which should have been hosted at the Edward Seaga Complex, but was instead played at their rival's home ground, one of the toughest venues in the country for visiting teams.




"We haven't been playing badly. It's unfortunate that we lost both games by narrow defeats, but the season is young and the team can only get better. In a very short while, we will have our football field to train on," he added.

Tivoli have been using the high school field, which has its own share of difficulties with Colts, Pepsi and Manning Cup teams all using the field after school.

"It gives us very little training time, like 30 minutes per day, and we don't have it on a regular basis, only Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, plus there is no light and the field is not in the best condition," Edwards noted.

However, he predicted that whenever they the field is ready for training and matches, the team will be a force to be reckoned with this season.

"The field should be ready in another two weeks. As soon as we get the field we can do as much tactical work as possible. The most we did in terms of tactical work was classroom sessions. It will take more than that to get a football team sharp, physically.

"I am very positive that even without our football pitch, if we continue to give it our very best, sooner than later we will start winning games," Edwards added.

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