Kestna Davis scores easy victory

October 09, 2017

A mixed reception greeted the outcome of the super-middleweight bout last Saturday night at the Alpart Sports Club in St Elizabeth between promising middleweight boxer Kestna Davis and boxer-comedian Miguel 'Iron Dawg' Raye.

Davis won by unanimous decision, as judges Lindell Allen 60-54, Ransford Burton 59-55, and Eion Jardine 60-50 gave him victory by a wide margin. The antics that came from Raye, his lack of boxing skills and the failure of Davis to end the fight early as he had promised, led to a spirited debate after the fight ended, and there is every indication that it will continue.

There were two professional bouts on the card, and in the other six-rounder the judges had Toriano Nicholas defeating Doran Weir by unanimous decision, 60-54.

In the amateur section of the programme, Jamaica and Guyana won two bouts each to square their series after four very entertaining and action-packed contests that gave spectators their money's worth.

In the feature fight, there was a war of words before the fight, and Davis stated publicly that it would not go the distance. He tried to knock out his opponent, but Raye used fair and foul means to frustrate him.




He clinched, chatted, used his head as part of the attack, and drew several cautions from referee Peter Richards. In the end, Davis was relieved when the fight ended, and said he had become frustrated from his opponent's behaviour. He conceded, however, that he had learnt a lot from the fight.

"Iron Dawg is very unorthodox, and did not give me room to fight. My tactics were also bad, as I should have stayed outside and attack his body. Anyhow, I did not do this and he went six rounds. I learnt a lot, however, and will be better next time around," he conceded.

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