Coaches complain about frequency of Manning Cup games

October 09, 2017
File St George's College's ace forward Romario Harding (left).

Coaches from Hydel and Camperdown and at least one other school in Group C of the ISSA-FLOW Manning Cup football competition have complained about the frequency of games which they say has been taking a toll on their players.

Coach of Group C leaders Camperdown, Christopher Bender, said his players had played as many as five games in 10 days. The team played matches on Tuesday, October 3; Thursday, October 5, and Saturday, October 7. The same obtained for Hydel and other teams in the group Waterford, Cumberland, Meadowbrook, St Mary’s College and Waterford.

Camperdown also has games scheduled for today and again on Wednesday.

“It’s ridiculous. We don’t even have time for school. The kids can’t recover,” Bender told STAR Sports yesterday. “This has been going on for the last two weeks and it’s not a rained out or rescheduled game I’m talking about.

Hydel’s coach Corey Bennett also complained.

“That to me was ridiculous. I hear they are cutting down on Champs, the number of events that athletes can compete in to two. I’m not sure what they are doing for footballers and it’s really taking a toll on us,” Bennett added.


A representative from one other school added that some of his players had not shown up for games because they were suffering from injuries and did not have time enough to recover.

“It’s a bit tedious for the kids. It’s taking a toll on some of the players. They don’t get enough recovery time and if you have a swollen ankle a sprain or a muscle sprain the recovery time is not sufficient,” the coach said.

Bender said his school had tried to get a reprieve from ISSA which had ordered the school to play Hydel in a game on Wednesday. However, he said the request had been denied.

Efforts to reach ISSA’s competitions coordinator George Forbes for a response yesterday were unsuccessful.

Bennett added that he also hoped that the second round, which is set to begin on Saturday, would be delayed.

I’m hoping that they put off the second round to give us time to recover. The recovery time has been minimal,” Bennett said. 

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