Admiral pulls rank on Finlayson

October 20, 2017

Head coach Glendon 'Admiral' Bailey has stripped Waterhouse FC's Nicholi Finlayson of the club captaincy, because of what he said is indiscipline shown by the player.

"I spoke to the captain (Nicholi Finlayson) sternly as I thought the indiscipline started with him in the game against Portmore United. In fact, I have taken away the captaincy from him. Richard 'Spoon' McCallum will be the acting captain," Bailey disclosed.

"I have put down my foot and made some decisions as a head coach. It is my responsibility. I think everybody is getting the picture now. I have found some people and will be putting in some players, who have not yet played, this Sunday," he explained.

Bailey said that although the team is struggling, there is no need to panic as it is not a crisis.

Having been badly beaten 5-0 by Portmore on Sunday, and before that three drawn encounters, Waterhouse is yet to win a game from the four played so far this season in the Red Stripe Premier League.

"The league just start. Is only four games played. It is not a crisis," Bailey told STAR Sports yesterday afternoon.

"It is my team as I stated in preseason. But we have a lot of young players, so it is a work in progress," the former Tivoli Gardens national league championship coach added.

"I don't think there is any panic as no team outplayed us. We addressed what happened last Sunday and have moved on. The players know what I am about. We have been looking at other players for the next game," he said.

"We have played four games, and the results are not what we wanted, so we have to try other players. Give others opportunities and make changes," he also said.

Waterhouse will oppose Harbour View in the next fixture this Sunday at the Harbour View Stadium, starting at 7 p.m.

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