McCallum wants more 'passion' from young players

October 24, 2017

Goalkeeper Richard McCallum has called on young players at Waterhouse Football Club to show more passion for the game.

McCallum who came out of retirement this season after two seasons out of the game, told STAR Sports that one reason the club has struggled recently is because the new generation of players lack the 'Waterhouse passion'.

McCallum said the young players are very talented and that there are enough experienced players around to guide through their rookie period in the league. However, he thinks the new players don't have the desire and commitment the Waterhouse fans and the community demand.

"I don't think the youngsters have the passion and the drive, that Waterhouse passion,' he said. "If you know about Waterhouse and its culture they (fans) are very demanding and very upbeat about their team. So, as a player, you have to feel that passion and when you feel that passion it shows in your game. Unfortunately, we are lacking some passion and we need to get it together," he told STAR Sports.


Future and stability


"The average age of our players is 24 and when you are looking about the future and stability it augurs well for the club, so right now the aim is to get them seasoned and ready.

"Unfortunately, we started the season a bit shaky, we drew the first three games and lost one. Although we are very concerned, the panic button hasn't been pressed. So we are looking to get the youngsters more experienced and get them to work with the technical team," he reasoned.

He believes the team can get things right and secure a play-off (top six) spot.

"We are very optimistic about our chances, our aim is to get to the top six and after that anything is possible. It's all about the match days - coming prepared and ready to perform," he said.

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