JC out to make amends

November 01, 2017
Jamaica College's Tyreek Magee.

Jamaica College's team manager, Ian Forbes, said the Walker Cup, in which his team will face St Catherine High this afternoon, has not been the "kindest" competition to the Old Hope Road school. However, they intend to try their best again this season.

Jamaica College have won the Walker Cup only twice in the competition's 56-year history, 2009 and 2010, when they won back-to-back trophies under coach Alfred Henry.

It is also the only title that has eluded coach Miguel Coley during his five years at the school.

Jamaica College face St Catherine High at Stadium East in one of three Walker Cup quarter-final games on today, starting at two o clock. In the second game of the Stadium East double-header, Kingston College face North Street rivals St George's. Holy Trinity take on St Andrew Technical in the other game at Constant Spring, at 2:30.

"It's difficult to say why we haven't done as well. It is how things have gone over the years from way back when it started in the early 60s," Forbes told STAR Sports.

"It has not been the kindest competition to us but we have always competed well. We take all competitions very seriously and we will certainly be giving it our best again, but it's difficult to really say," he added.

"We focus on winning all competitions. There is a special emphasis to win all titles, so we do take it seriously and we will have to give our best," he pointed out.


The first hurdle JC have to clear this year is St Catherine High. Forbes said they will not take the St Johns Road school lightly.

"For St Catherine to reach this stage of the competition it means they are a quality team. They have done well, so far, so we are not taking them lightly. We are expecting a good, competitive game."

Forbes said JC are also keen to rebound from their Manning Cup defeat to rivals Kingston College.

"We have lost before and we have bounced back so there is no reason why we shouldn't. The players are in high spirits and they are highly motivated so I am expecting them to do well," he said.

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