Henry calls for coaching mentorship

November 06, 2017


Jamaica's interim netball head coach, Sasher Gaye Henry, who has received rave reviews for guiding the Sunshine Girls to a second-place finish at the recent Fast5 Netball Championships in Australia, says she is still inexperienced as a coach and does not believe she is quite ready to take on the role as Sunshine Girls head coach.

Henry, a Sunshine Girl until she retired after the 2015 Netball World Cup, believes she needs a bit of mentoring and developmental support if she is going to try and take the Sunshine Girls to the next level.

"It's an honour for people to give me the recognition and see the ability in me, but I may not think I am the best candidate for the (Sunshine Girls) job. There is a little bit of inexperience and I would want to know that I have the support and good mentoring as a young coach because the expectation is going to be high, so I would definitely want to be mentored," she commented.


Coaching skills


"I know that it (mentorship) is going to be something good for me as a coach because if I don't get that (mentorship) it would be a recipe for failure, and if I fail the girls fail. So I would have to have that support so that I can better develop my coaching skills and be better able to impart what I know to the girls," she told Star Sports.

She insists that without a more experienced tactician to guide her into the role, she will make a lot of blunders along the way. However, if the responsibility to lead the team is thrust upon her, she would not turn it down.

"It's a big role and I have a lot more to learn but I am willing to learn to improve because I want to be the best so I can give the best to the ladies. So it would be good to learn from somebody with more experience than me. I am next in line but it's whatever goes. If it means that I will have to take it on, I will. But they will have to support me because I don't think I will be able to take that post if I don't get that support," she insisted.

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