Nothing lasts forever, says STETHS' principal

November 30, 2017
File Wedderburn

DESPITE ending their second consecutive season without a trophy, St Elizabeth Technical High School's principal, Keith Wellington, said he retains confidence in coach Omar 'Rambo' Wedderburn, noting that the school is going through "the end of a dynasty".

"I know a number of persons would have questioned the future of coach Wedderburn, but I must say he has my full confidence. He has been a part of 11 of our 12 major football titles.

"Having not done as well as we could have, there must be reasons that start at the very top, with me, as the principal, so we just have to look at how much more we can support him and the programme, overall," said Wellington.

A vice-president of ISSA, Wellington said that there have been many dynasties in boys' and girls' high school sports such as the Vere Tech dynasty in track and field, Kingston College and Munro College in football in addition to STETHS in cricket during the 1980s and early 90s.

Pointing out that they all came to a point of not winning, some totally dominant, Wellington said he is not so much concerned about STETHS' win streak coming to an end, but he is more concerned about the future, which he believes is promising with both their U-16 and U-14 teams through to the quarter-finals of the rural competitions.




"I think that those who understand sports, very well, will know you're not going to win every year. The longer you keep winning the more likely it is that you're not going to win at a particular stage," he said.

When asked to gauge the mood of the STETHS football community and his personal opinion on their season, Wellington admitted disappointment is in the air but, apart from finishing without a trophy, he is pleased with what they managed to accomplish.

"I think disappointment would be the biggest feature in terms of the mood, but we also acknowledge that for us getting to the final four, of all competitions, says a lot," said Wellington.

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