'Tutu' ready to face Coley

December 05, 2017
Miguel Coley


RUSEA'S coach, Vassel 'Tutu' Reynolds, has described Miguel Coley as "a good coach" but pointed out that the Jamaica College tactician was once his student and he has done his homework ahead of Saturday's Olivier Shield clash.

"Miguel Coley is a good coach. I want to tell you that he is a student of mine. I was his first coach at Bellefield, where I identified him at age 13 and coached him for two years," Reynolds said about Coley, who has won the Manning and Olivier Shield since he started as coach of JC in 2013.

"He is a good tactician, who plans well, so he is the teacher now, based on his achievement at JC. For me, JC is always hungry for another title. They are highly motivated and have an excellent programme there. My team cannot just settle for the daCosta Cup. We have to be ready for the Olivier Shield also," Reynolds added, pointing out that he was eagerly awaiting Saturday's clash.




Rusea's gained their 11th lien on the rural area title last Saturday, edging Clarendon College 2-1 at the Montego Bay Sports Complex in St James. JC defeated St Andrew Technical High School 5-3 on penalty kicks in the Manning Cup final last Friday at the National Stadium.

"Big matchup, man. This for me is like a story, like a story. Coming to Rusea's for the first time, managing to reach the finals against my alma mater, Clarendon College," Reynolds told STAR Sports.

"Coming from Kingston into rural football and winning the daCosta Cup, then meeting the same team who I lost to in the Manning Cup final with Wolmer's last year," he pointed out.

"It will be a big matchup. JC is on a roll, obviously, and history is on their side in terms of winning the Manning Cup many times and also the Olivier Shield," Reynolds stated but said he has done his research.

"Rural teams have not won the Olivier Shield for a while. I'm doing research as to the reason why. Where my mind is going is that over the past 10 years, the Manning Cup final was played a week, or so, before the D Cup final.

"The rural-area winners normally have about four days to prepare for the Olivier Shield, while the Manning Cup champions are there sitting down, fresher and waiting, maybe about eight or nine days," Reynolds pointed out.

"JC have dominated the Olivier Shield in the last decade. History is on JC's side, but what we will use to motivate our players is that we want to be that team to break the run of the Manning Cup teams in the Olivier Shield," he added.

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