No punishment for Manchester clubs

December 23, 2017
Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola (right) gestures while Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho stops a stray ball during the Manchester Derby in the English Premier League at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester, England, on December 10.



Manchester United and Manchester City will not be sanctioned following a review into a melee involving players and coaches from both English Premier League teams after the derby at Old Trafford this month.

After receiving evidence from both clubs and independent eyewitness accounts, the English Football Association (EFA) said it will be taking "no formal action."

The incident took place around the doorway to City's dressing room after the team's 2-1 win over United on December 10. About 15 people were involved and City assistant coach Mikel Arteta sustained a cut on his forehead.

The FA also said Thursday that United manager Jose Mourinho would not be punished for comments made to the media before the derby. Mourinho accused City's players of going to ground too easily and said match officials needed to be aware of City's "tactical fouling."

Mourinho was reminded that "any further public comments about match officials may result in disciplinary action," the EFA said.

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