Get them to Europe - Coley calls for more exposure for local youngsters

December 25, 2017

Highly - respected coach Miguel Coley is calling for a national game model and believes the country's youth football will meet its potential if youngsters are exposed to better quality opposition, particularly outside of Jamaica. 

Pointing to Bayer Leverkusen striker Leon Bailey as the perfect example, Coley noted that Jamaica's best young talent will improve dramatically if they are taken from their comfort zone outside of the country and given a greater opportunity to fully mature and develop as international quality players.

"We can't have training with boys who, every single time they play, they play against weaker players, they won't improve that way so we have to regularly take our best players out, where they can compete with players of the highest level - probably to Europe for a few months or so," Coley told STAR Sports

"When Rene Simoes (former national technical director) came here, he used to take the team to Brazil to play better teams and they were beaten heavily at times, but they became better," Coley added. 

"If you look at a player like Leon Bailey, his development was not about Jamaica. He was taken out of the country playing at a good level and he was able to improve.

"When our boys find that they are better than someone, they accept it, get comfortable and relax and this affects their improvement; it's a cultural thing," said Coley, who also called for a game style, which in his recommendation, would be adopted by coaches and players right across the board. 

"We have to have a game model, that's the first thing and it constitutes the coaches that you have, the players the society itself, the fields that we have and you consider all of this and create a game model based on those factors," he said. 

Coley, who led Jamaica College to 12  major titles in a historic five year spell at the institution, also served as assistant coach to Winfried Schafer for Jamaica's national senior football team between 2014 and 2016. 

He is expected to join Schafer shortly in a similar capacity at Iranian top flight club Estaghlal FC in the coming days.

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