Lloyd dismisses Boys' Town return

December 29, 2017
Arnett GArdens man Renae Lloyd during his days as a Boys' Town player.

Arnett Gardens' midfielder, Renae Lloyd has dismissed a possible return to former club Boys' Town during next month's transfer window in the Red Stripe Premier League.

A close source had told STAR Sports that Lloyd was among three players that coach of Boys' Town, Andrew Price had secured for the Red Brigade.

However, when contacted yesterday morning, Lloyd said he has no reason to leave Arnett Gardens at this time.

"Boys' Town is my club, that I love but I don't think that would be the best move for me right now," Lloyd stated.

"I have been battling with injuries since last season, but for me the team has been playing well. There are some senior players that are not getting enough playing time like (Leon) Strickland, Marcelino Blackburn, who is yet to be included in a squad this season," he reasoned.

"The team is highly competitive and that is good, so who would not want that for their team. There are players who have come in and done well, so it is good for us as a team," Lloyd said about the RSPL's reigning champions.

"I have featured in about three quarters of the games this season and my only start was against Sandals South Coast at Frome on December 17. I picked up an injury (muscle strain) during that game, so I decided not to play again for the rest of the year and prepare for the upcoming club championship (Caribbean Football Union Club Championship) in January," he explained.

"I had some discussions with the coach (Jerome Waite) and I am okay. I have no problem with Arnett. I have seen bigger players worldwide coming off the bench, so what about me. Tamar (Edwards) has come in and is doing well in the central midfield role that I have played at in the last two seasons." Lloyd added.

Lloyd started his senior career at Boys' Town in 2005 after leaving Dunoon Technical, then switched to Arnett Gardens in 2013.

Lloyd, who made his debut with the national senior team in 2012, but has been out of favour still harbours a return to the Reggae Boyz squad.

"Sometime I still want to play for the national team but a next time I'm saying to myself that at 30 years-old and playing locally it is difficult. But, I have not given up on that," he concluded.

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