Relief for Foster - Striker said burden at Reno was heavy

January 09, 2018
Craig Foster, playing for Reno, controls the ball ahead of Jeffrey Henry of Waterhouse during a National Premier League match at Drewsland.

Craig Foster, one of the top strikers in the Red Stripe Premier League, feels that his transfer from Reno to Humble Lion will relieve the goalscoring burden that he has been carrying at the western Jamaica outfit.

"I won't be under so much pressure like when I was at Reno because Humble Lion has some good players, they might not be scoring a lot of goals but (they) have players that can get the job done also," said Foster, who spent eight years at Reno.




Foster, who is now in third place in the goal scoring chart on 10 goals, scored all but six of Reno's 16 goals this season. However, Humble Lion splashed out a $150,000 transfer fee and gave the striker an offer he could not refuse.

Vassell Reynolds, a member of the Reno coaching staff, admitted that Foster's departure is a big loss for the club.

"We are not hiding from the fact that we would have lost our most prolific goal scorer but I think the team was overly depending on him. It is something that we have to regroup as a team, and now depend on the team and not one individual to get the job done," said Reynolds, who recently won the daCosta Cup with Rusea's.

The struggling Reno sit in seventh place, just outside the play-off spots on the twelve team table.

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