Rum Rum Waterhouse return in limbo

January 13, 2018
Contributed Donovan White

Romario 'Rum Rum' Campbell's attempt to return to Waterhouse after half-a-season with Humble Lion FC has been stalled, as the Drewsland based outfit is not willing to pay the $500,000 asking price, and Humble Lion will not sell for less.

Humble Lion general manager, Sheldon Holness, insists a loan was out of the question as the club wants to recuperate the money paid for Campbell, who had a disappointing three months at the Clarendon club.

"We are awaiting on Waterhouse to do what they are suppose to," Holness told Star Sports. "That's what we paid for him ($500,000). We just want back the money we paid for him. We are not holding him. He wants to leave and we are not holding him. You can't ask us to pay for the player, and now the player is asking to leave and you are asking for a loan.

"We are not willing to loan. We are going to sell the player. We are not going to loan, that is off the cards," he stated.


Campbell left Waterhouse for Clarendon at the start of the season. His Humble Lion career got off to a great start as he scored in the team's opening day 1-1 draw with Boys Town.

However, things went downhill from there, and he was eventually dropped from the starting team and then struggled to get playing time, mainly because of being overweight and unfit.

Holness said that during Campbell's time at Effortville, he complained of being uncomfortable and that may have contributed to his below form performance, and he said the club intend to recuperate the money they spend.

"The player told us in no uncertain terms that he is uncomfortable. Why would we keep a player that is uncomfortable? There are a lot of great players in the league and Romario Campbell is one such talent. But Humble Lion is not short of players, or on attracting very good players.

"He said that he was uncomfortable, and I guess that was the reason why he did not play up to his standard. But we are not entertaining any loan at this time," Holness said.

Waterhouse president, Donovan White, was diplomatic in his response to Campbell's return and the large transfer fee.

"Romario Campbell is still a contracted player of Humble Lion.

"I cannot speak to the arrangement he (Campbell) has with Humble Lion FC. That's Humble Lion and Romario's concern," he said.

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