Speid accuses H'View of pettiness over players

January 13, 2018
File Sheldon McKoy (center) playing for Harbour View FC at the time, outjumps Cavalier Soccer Club's Alex Marshall (right) for the ball while Chevone Marsh looks on during a Red Stripe Premier League game in October.
File Jureidini

Rudolph Speid, Cavalier Soccer Club technical director, is disappointed with what he considers poor behaviour of Harbour View, who refuse to sign the release of two young amateur players, Nicque Daley and Sheldon McKoy, who have signed to Cavalier for the second-half of the season.

According to Speid, both players signed for Cavalier without what he describes as "duress", and he believes Harbour View's attempt to block the players' departure is "unbecoming".

However, he said that he is willing to take things to the next level, which he said would be to lodge a formal complaint to the Jamaica Football Federation, if Harbour View continues to try to block the transfers, although he expects things will eventually work out in his favour.

"I did the transfers and gave KSAFA their money. Now KSAFA must do their job. I followed the FIFA guideline, so I am done for now.

"But if Harbour View wants to reinvent FIFA guidelines and if KSAFA allows them to, then we'll see. But Harbour View's behaviour is unprofessional and unbecoming of a big club," he said.

Speid said if Harbour View continue to deny the players move, he will have to take the case to the next level.

"They (Harbour View) are really trying to frustrate the players so they stay. But I am not having any of that because I am going to the end with it. If KSAFA don't stop it, we will take the next step," he warned.

under no duress

Speid also pointed that the two players were Cavalier youth players and had expressed their desire to return. Nevertheless, he expects things to be resolved quickly.

"I won't stop. The players signed the transfer under no duress. They were Cavalier players before and we didn't have any issue when we signed them to Harbour View, now they want to come back and there is a big issue.

"But I expect it to be resolved in my favour soon. There are guidelines and KSAFA has to give them five working days and then they (KSAFA) can sign over the players to me. So I am waiting on that time to elapse. So within five working days, I expect things to be resolved," he said.

Although one Harbour View source said that Cavalier's approach of the players was unethical, general manger, Clyde Jureidini, said they will wait on KSAFA's response. "They are Harbour View players. So since they (Cavalier) have appealed to KSAFA we will wait until KSAFA addresses the matter," Jureidini stated.

KSAFA general secretary, Dwayne Dillon, would not go into details but said a thorough investigation would be done. "I received a request for a transfer for the two players. That transfer was put through today (Friday), and we will be processing it.

"I can't say what the issue is (between Harbour View and Cavalier). But as an association, when clubs have challenges with other clubs, they ask us to mediate. And a request came to us (from Cavalier) and we are waiting on the five business days. I haven't done any investigation, but we will have verification (of facts) before the final decision is made," he said.

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