I did nothing wrong - Neita

January 16, 2018

Opposition Spokesperson for Sports, Natalie Neita, is defiant that she didn't do anything wrong despite being charged yesterday for common assault following a confrontation.

Neita was allegedly involved in an altercation with a former employee of Petcom Jamaica, where she serves as human resource consultant.

It is not clear whether the complainant was terminated before or after the incident.

"I'm not a violent person and I really wouldn't want to comment on the matter any further. I'm not perturbed. I didn't do anything wrong," Neita told Star Sports yesterday.

It is alleged that Neita punched a man to the ground at a gas station along Spanish Town Road in Kingston, yesterday morning.


Neita's lawyer, Sean Kinghorn, in a statement, refuted those claims, saying that Neita, the People's National Party's Member of Parliament for St Catherine North Central, was attacked by the former employee and simply defended herself.

The statement said: "Ms Neita was attacked when the complainant, menacingly advanced upon her in a violent fit rage, referring to her as a 'B***h' and 'Dutty Politician'. Ms Neita, in the face of that violent attack, was constrained to defend herself as allowed by law."

When asked about her first time being arrested, Neita burst into laughter saying that she does not want to comment on it.

"If you were close to me and asked me that question, I probably would tell you how I feel. Right now, I am not in a mood to have that discussion about how I felt," Neita said.

Neita was given station bail by the Duhaney Park police, after spending a few hours there.

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