Impossible! - JFF to investigate claims of bouncing cheques

January 22, 2018

Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) general-secretary, Dalton Wint, will be launching an immediate investigation into some referees' complaints that some of the cheques they received over the weekend for monies owed, have 'bounced'.

According to one highly placed match official, who spoke on the grounds of anonymity, said after collecting their cheques at the JFF recently, one official attempted to change his cheque at his regular supermarket, only to learn from the establishment a couple days later that the cheque had bounced.

Another match official also attempted to cash his cheque at a bank at the start of last week, but that also bounced. Star Sports also made checks with other officials to confirm the issue and at least two other referee said they were aware that some of their colleagues were having problems clearing cheques.

"Cheque are bouncing. Some people went and lodged their cheques and one of the members who has a relationship with a supermarket went to cash the cheque. After the cheque was cashed they called back the person on Monday to let them know that the cheque bounced.  A next person went to the bank and they did not honour the cheque. So far, it has happen to at least two people," said the referee. 


But when the situation was brought to Wint's attention he said at that  time that he was not aware of the issue but that he would be investigating the claims.

"No (I am not aware of the issue).  No (I have not received any complaint like that) - absolutely none. No cheque can bounce because we have money in the (JFF) account that we wrote the cheques to. If it bounce it must be something else, it cannot be money. But if they (refs) get a cheque that bounce and the first report is to the media, I have a problem with that because that is just to cause problems. It can't be because of money, maybe somebody wrote something wrong and it bounced but it can't be because of money," said Wint.

"I don't know where they get that (information) from. But what cheques are they saying bounced? The cheques they received from the JFF? No, that cannot be. I will need to find out from my accountant and referees if there is any situation ... But for good governance, I will talk to the referee chairperson and head of the department," he added.

Attempts to contact Victor Stewart, head of referee's at the JFF, was unsuccessful.

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