All's not equal - Cunningham

January 25, 2018
Nick Richards

Jamaica College's coach, Duane Cunningham, said poor structure and lack of facilities are some of the underlying factors why Jamaica has not been able to produce more players like Nick Richards, who played at JC and is now a member of eight-time NCAA basketball tournament champions, Kentucky Wildcats.

"We are happy that we played an instrumental role in him being on the path where he is at now. We just don't have the structure or the facilities to facilitate the growth and development of players as they do in other parts of the world," Cunningham said.




He said that Richards, who migrated to the United States after completing fourth form at JC, should also be credited for his work ethics.

"Early, when he started out, we realised that he was a special talent, we put the time in and he was willing to work," Richards said. "He used to work a lot harder than the other boys."

Richards donned a custom-made sneakers bearing the colour of Jamaica's flag in the Wildcats' nationally televised game last week.

According to an article on school's website, Richards wanted to show his patriotism by wearing the sneakers, adding that the player always tells his teammates about Jamaica's "culture, music and food".

Richards, a freshman, is averaging 7.1 points per game this season.

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