'Fake news' - Waterhouse bawl after STAR exclusive!

January 25, 2018
Arnett Gardens' player Dasha Satchwell

Waterhouse Football Club last night rushed into damage-control mode after yesterday's STAR Sports exclusive revealed midfielder Dasha 'Mad Dawg' Satchwell was training with his former club, Arnett Gardens, following a verbal altercation with fans, which spilled over to another day.

In an unsigned, late-evening press release captioned, 'Waterhouse FC - Clears the Air' , club president Donovan White dismissed The STAR exclusive, 'Iron Dawg keeps sound bone - Midfielder flees Waterhouse rudies', as "blatantly false, void of investigative journalism, and a complete distortion" but referred to, as STAR Sports reported, "a game at Drewsland Stadium" at which "there was a verbal altercation between himself (Satchwell) and a group of spectators while on the field of play".

The release went on to state: 'Club officials had a discussion with Mr Satchwell on January 19, to desist from the practice and advised him that a time and date will be scheduled for him to meet with the disciplinary committee of the club. Since then, Mr Satchwell has not been seen or heard from by the club. The club was later informed by a third party that he has been training with another Premier League outfit.'




In the Waterhouse release, Satchwell was painted as having, 'had an unfortunate history of enunciating disparaging remarks at spectators and match officials while on the field of play'.

'This is a behaviour we at Waterhouse FC have had repeated discussions and warnings to the player to desist from this practice. Late last year, Mr Satchwell was red-carded from a game for a similar offence.'

The release, however, did not state whether the player was red-carded for remarks directed at spectators or match officials, the latter not at all unique to the midfielder.

White, however, did paint a nice picture of Waterhouse's supporters, saying: "The thought of Mr Satchwell being forced out of the team by supporters is absurd - this never happened and any attempt to suggest it, like was done in The STAR newspaper and its reporter, is malicious and can potentially cause economic harm to the many relationships our club enjoy with corporate Jamaica.

"The support provided to Waterhouse FC by its fan base from across Jamaica and the diaspora, is one of the club's most valuable assets. They support their team with passion and excitement, and, over time, have developed a personal relationship with every player who wears the blue and gold uniform. To suggest that any supporter would endanger a player is unfortunate reporting by The STAR newspaper."

Meanwhile, Satchwell, as the release stated, has not returned to Waterhouse and is yet to advise the club of his decision to leave.

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