It was fear

January 26, 2018

Midfielder Dasha 'Iron Dawg' Satchwell yesterday confirmed reports that he took the decision to leave Red Stripe Premier League club Waterhouse FC and return to Arnett Gardens because of fear.

Satchwell was involved in an animated argument with a number of supporters during his last game for Waterhouse - against Sandals South Coast on January 17 at the Drewsland Stadium in St Andrew.

"The main reason, I would say is fear. And, next reason is that I am not comfortable with the whole surrounding and everything, so, as a matter of that, I just decided to leave," Satchwell told STAR Sports, before an Arnett Gardens training session yesterday at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex.

"I was never thinking about it, but when I looked back from when it started last year to now, I think the best decision was to leave. I was at training and an incident happened in training and it escalated until it reached the spectators," he added.

"After that, I was at the stadium (Drewsland) preparing for a game and spectators threatened me before the game with knives and things like that. No, no gun, even if it was there it was not brandished," Satchwell also said.

"It is not like what was seen from the outside, it was something personal. And it kept happening over and over again. They keep threatening me on the field," he further explained.

"Even after the game, it was like the same thing. The same persons were saying things and from that I decided not to go back there (Waterhouse). I decided to return to Arnett," he admitted.

"Everything otherwise was all right but it was just me and the same set of guys just could not agree and it did not make any sense," said Satchwell.


Disciplinary meeting


"I went to a disciplinary meeting but that was after the red card against Portmore. It is not mainly what they made it look like, I just had some one-on-one talks with the club. It was from the November incident that I started to behave different.

"My passion get to me at times, but it don't make me misbehave. It is just a set of people that have something personal against me and that is the main reason," Satchwell concluded.

Waterhouse FC president Donovan White on Wednesday refuted a report carried in STAR Sports titled 'Iron Dawg' keeps sound bone - Midfielder flees Waterhouse rudies', which highlighted that the player had left the club because of issues with supporters of the club.

In a media release issued late Wednesday evening, White dismissed the reports as 'Blatantly false, void of investigative journalism, and a complete distortion."

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