Daley happy with FLOW, Man Utd coaching clinic

January 29, 2018
Nicque Daley ... scored four goals.

Clarendon College schoolboy star Nicque Daley is delighted with the experience at the FLOW Super Cup All Stars Coaching Clinic with Manchester United coaches yesterday at the National Stadium.

"It was a good experience for me and the other players selected on the Media and Social Media teams for this one-day event. We really appreciated the Man U coaches, who came and taught us something in our development as players," Daley told Star Sports.

"The day was a long one but worth it as it was enjoyable. It was a pleasure to work with the coaches from Manchester United, and I want to thank FLOW for bringing them here," the 17-year-old, who also represents Cavalier in the Red Stripe Premier League pointed out.

Daley netted a hat-trick for the Social Media select team in their 5-3 victory against the Media select team. KC's Trayvone Reid and Leonardo Fogarthy of Rusea's High also scored for the winners. Kaheem Parris of Dinthill, Armani Reid of St Andrew Technical High and Rashawn Mackison of Kingston College scored for the Media team in a 60-minute game.

"We were a bit tired after the early sessions, but it was a nice game. Personally, I scored three goals and it is always good to score goals," Daley also said.

Michael Neary of Manchester United, who conducted the session along with Robin van der Laan, were impressed with the talent.




"It is really good that Manchester United sent us out here to have a positive impact on the Caribbean and teaching skills and attitude, especially here in Jamaica. It was a long day, they fought really hard and what we tried to get across to them was to enjoy themselves," Neary said.

"We did not put anything too intense in the early sessions as we wanted them to be ready for the game. We just put on a mixture of finishing possession and for them to prepare and train themselves and to be ready for the match days," he pointed out.

FLOW's vice-president of marketing, Carlo Redwood, said that in the partnership with Manchester United this is the first time that they are doing something like this.

"We as Jamaicans don't lack talent, so it is important in terms of attitude to the game - is certainly something that want to continue to develop with Manchester United in the partnership.

Each player was handed certificate and medals from Manchester United Soccer School.


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