SDF can't refurbish GC Foster pool

March 03, 2018

General Manager of the Sports Development Foundation, Denzil Wilks, said that the foundation is in no position to refurbish the aquatic facility at G.C. Foster College.

There have been calls from players in the sports industry to develop the facilities as it could be a major boost to sports tourism.

"We know that the facility can be used for winter training and the (financial) benefits that can come from it," Wilks said. "But we are in no position right now to be able to fund the pool at the GC Foster College."

He continued: "If we are to fund that reconstruction of the entire facility at G.C. Foster, it means that we would have to cut funding for all of the associations."

According to Wilks, the pool, which has practically been out of use since it was built, will need total reconstruction.

"Experts have checked it and said that if a pool is to be built, all of what is there now will have to be taken apart because it has been there for too long and it has become completely porous," Wilks explained.

The foundation has spent a significant amount of money on refurbishing the aquatic facility at the National Stadium, Wilks said.

"We have completely revamped the swimming pool. We changed out the filters after. They haven't been changed since 1962, and we have totally rehabilitated the diving pool. The only thing we have left is the electrical work and that is to be done. We had to postpone it because we are getting ready to host the Carifta Games," Wilks said.

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