Eyes on the prize - Waite credits players for staying focussed despite distractions

March 05, 2018
Arnett Gardens FC head coach Jerome Waite


Head coach at the Arnett Gardens Football Club, Jerome Waite, has lauded his players for their on the field performance in the midst of the administrative war that is currently waging in the front office.

The latest in the ongoing saga is a petition, signed by players of the team, which was sent to the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association asking for the immediate removal of Patrick Roberts as president of the football club.

Roberts has stated that he believes the players were influenced by Mark Golding, MP for South St Andrew, who has refused to take up his honorary position as chairman of the club until the management has been restructured.

Golding denied the claims saying that he was only merely informed of the petitions by the players.




"We have our in differences in the club and despite of all of that, we are still in second position and also qualify for the final round of the CONCACAF Club Championships," Waite pointed out. "We haven't been performing as best as we can in the latter part of the season, but we are still in second place and we still have four more games to play before the playoffs."

Waite, who has guided the 'Junglists' to four Premier League titles, said that his team will retain their title in spite of the distractions.

"With all of those situations, these are players and they are competitive and once the playoffs begin, they will fight," Waite said.

He said that he hopes that by the final round of the CONCACAF tournament comes around in May, all the issues in the front office of the club will be rectified.

"The competition is after the Premier League season is finished; hopefully all [issues] is well so that the team can just concentrate on preparation towards that club championship to give us a chance to qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League," Waite said.

Arnett Gardens secured a 1-1 draw away to Montego Bay United in yesterday's Red Stripe Premier League action.

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