Spurs fighting for their play-off lives

March 14, 2018
San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich (right) talks with Dejounte Murray during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, California on March 8.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, AP  - This is the worst season for the San Antonio Spurs in the last 21 years.
They're on pace for only 46 wins.
ONLY 46 wins.
That's a season fans in other many cities would celebrate wildly. Philadelphia have not won 46 games since 2002-03, Minnesota not since 2003-04, Sacramento not since 2004-05. Detroit haven't had a 46-win season in the last decade. The Knicks have one in the last 17 seasons. Milwaukee reached it once in the last 16 seasons entering this year. Charlotte, once in the last 15 seasons. The Nets, once in the last 12 seasons.
But this is San Antonio, the silver-and-black standard for the league, where winning 55 or 60 games and making a deep playoff run is considered as much of an annual rite as the rodeo and the Texas Folklife Festival. And even after a blowout win over Orlando on Tuesday night, the Spurs (38-30) are still on the outside of the playoff picture in the Western Conference.
No need to panic just yet. The Spurs are a mere one game in the loss column behind Oklahoma City, who are holding the No. 4 seed right now. Still, this is a most unusual situation for San Antonio.
"Everybody tries to be the best they can by playoff time," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. "That'll be our goal too, to be in the playoffs and be as good as we can possibly be."


Western Conference

W L Pct GB 
x-Houston 53 14 .791 - 
x-Golden State 51 16 .761 2 
Portland 41 26 .612 12 
Oklahoma City 41 29 .586 13.5
New Orleans 39 28 .582 14 
Minnesota 40 29 .580 14 
L.A. Clippers 37 29 .561 15.5 
Utah 38 30 .559 15.5 
San Antonio 38 30 .559 15.5

x-clinched play-off spot 

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