The league is more competitive – Hankinson

March 24, 2018


Western Bureau:

Timothy Hankinson, the former technical director of Red Stripe Premier League outfit Montego Bay United, says there has been some improvement in the quality of play, and facilities, in the competition when compared to two years ago when he completed his first stint at the club.

Hankinson told STAR Sports that there is more hunger in all of the teams, they are more organised and are motivated for success.

"The league itself, I think, is more competitive. I think two years ago too many matches turned into 'street games.' Now teams are settling into systems of play, deciding what area of the field they want to defend. Teams are taking to the 3-5-2 system more so than they did two years ago, which means they have looked around the world and made some changes," said Hankinson.


Build the business


Hankinson who has experience coaching in Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States, suggested on his departure yesterday morning that the Jamaican football fraternity should pay more attention to the business side of the sport.

"For me, it's all about building the business. This injects salaries in the game thus benefiting player development and academies that feed the first team. Those are two parts of the business of football that is vital to building a foundation," said Hankinson.

"We (MBU) had said two years ago when we were in Caribbean Football Union league that the future of football in this country is about getting some of the bigger companies behind the sport. The other part of it is the development of the players to sell them on the world market," he added.

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