Antiguans charged! - Ricketts monitoring Antiguan football delegation drug arrest

March 29, 2018


The two members of the Antiguan football contingent who were held on drug charges on Monday at the Norman Manley International Airport, were yesterday charged, according to Jamaica Football Association (JFF) president Mike Ricketts.

Ricketts, revealed that charges were laid on the pair, who have been identified as an assistant coach and team manager. However, efforts to get confirmation from the Narcotics Police Division proved futile as the word was that the investigating officer would not be able to provide that information at the time.

Ricketts visited the two Antiguans yesterday morning when they were both being question in the presence of a lawyer. After charges were laid against them late yesterday evening, Ricketts, said they were hoping for an early court date before the impending Easter holidays.

"They have been charged," Ricketts confirmed. "I can't says exactly what the charges are, but they have been charged," he said.

"A lawyer was sitting with the investigating officer, who was having a question and answer session with the two Antiguans. We have spoken to the police officers and we are trying to be very objective but at the same time they are trying to get them to go to court tomorrow (Thursday). If that doesn't happen it will have to be after the long weekend," he pointed out.

"I left them at narcotics and they will be transferred to Hunts Bay later to stay in custody and go to court tomorrow (Thursday)," he added.

Ricketts, who has assisted the Antiguans since the incident took place, said the 'unfortunate' incident was an embarrassment to the Antigua and Barbuda FA (ABFA)and staff. "It is unfortunate that somebody's act of indiscretion is causing the Antiguan FA and staff members a lot of embarrassment. We are trying to facilitate the process of getting them to court and we are trying our best to see if they can be accommodated in court tomorrow," he said.

The Antiguans scored a late equaliser to earn a 1-1l draw with Jamaica at Sabina Park on Sunday. However, during their departure on Monday, three members of the travelling party were apprehended and taken into custody on a drug related incident. One of the three was released on Tuesday.

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