Tivoli's Wellington out for the season

March 31, 2018
Tivoli's Rodico Wellington nurses a broken leg from the sidelines during a training session at the Edward Seaga Complex on Tuesday.

Tivoli Gardens' Rodico Wellington says that it will hurt to watch his team from the sideline after being ruled out of the remainder of the season due to a broken leg sustained earlier this month.

"I visited the doctor last week and the bone is getting pretty good. However, I am ruled out for the rest of the season. It is painful to be out as I was just getting into my own," Wellington who transferred from Waterhouse last January told STAR Sports during a training session at the Edward Seaga Complex.

"I was really playing some good football. This will hurt the team, but I still think that they can win the title. The team want to do it for me an that is added motivation," the former Denham Town Manning Cup star, pointed out.

Wellington, who normally played as an attacker in the past, saw the need to drop to full back in order to help his team.

"I normally play as an attacker but started in the full back position in the match against my former club, Waterhouse, in which I suffered a broken leg," he also said.

"Before that game, I was on the bench against Arnett Gardens and our right back was having a difficult time, so I told the assistant coach (Damion Gordon) that I can play in that position. And, he passed the information to the coach (Omar Edwards) and I came on as a sub for the right back and I executed well with an assist.

"Then, in the Waterhouse game, I was making an attack and we lost the ball and I was going back to defend and stepped on the ball and slipped and I heard a sound and said to my teammates that the leg was broken," he recounted about the freak accident.

Tivoli Gardens will face Cavalier in the Red Stripe Premier League first leg quarterfinal, tomorrow at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex in Trench Town, St Andrew. Match time is 6 p.m.

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