We can beat Tivoli anywhere - Speid

April 04, 2018
Rudolph Speid

Technical director of Cavalier SC, Rudolph Speid, said that he can beat Tivoli anywhere, ahead of the teams Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) second leg quarterfinal clash at the Edward Seaga Complex in West Kingston today, starting at 3:05 p.m.

Both teams battled to a 0-0 draw in the first leg at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex last Sunday. That means it is all to play for in the decisive leg.

"I think we can beat Tivoli anywhere. It don't really matter where we play them," Speid who is also head coach told STAR Sports.

"The truth is any premier league team can beat any premier league team on the day. As a matter of fact, we have played Tivoli eleven times in the last three years and they won six and five drawn," Speid said.

"What the law of average says is that the longer you don't beat someone is the closer you are to beating them. I have done better against the other teams in the league than Tivoli. They have taken seven points off me and we finished two points behind them in the regular season."

He added: "I am very confident that we will become victorious and move onto the semi final. We have no fear going there. In the last match we got three opportunities to score and they got two opportunities. We believe that with a little bit of luck, we will beat them."

Cavalier will rely on senior national players such as Chevone 'Messi' Marsh, Alex Marshall, Kaheem Parris as well as Paul Wilson, Jamoi Topey, Kamoy Simpson and Clifton Woodbine.

In reply to Speid's bold assertion , Head coach of Tivoli Gardens, Omar 'Tiger' Edwards said that talk is cheap.

"Rudolph Speid is entitled to his own opinion. The truth is we are playing at home and want to drive home the advantage of playing in front of our crowd," Edwards said.




"We have noted that Cavalier is a fairly good team. And, hence, we will not take them for granted. Therefore, we will have to turn up on our home turf with our A' game so that at the end we will leave on the brighter side. We have played against them four times and won twice, so psychologically we have the advantage," he concluded.

Tivoli's top players include veteran attacker Jermaine 'Teddy' Johnson, captain Romaine Brackenridge, Barrington Pryce, Junior McGregor, Howard Morris, Tevin Shaw and Marvin Stewart.

The winner will advance to play against reigning champions Arnett Gardens in the two-way semi final.

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