SFP/ Hugh Senior 5K Run/Walk tomorrow in Waterhouse

April 13, 2018

World and Olympic sprint champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has urged local runners, walkers to join her tomorrow morning to take part in the SFP/ Hugh Senior 5K run/walk race in Waterhouse at 7 a.m.

The event, which is organised by Fraser-Pryce's church, Penwood Church of Christ, is designed to raise funds to finance the education of young children living in Waterhouse, where Fraser-Pryce grew up.

"Her pastor, Hugh Senior, died last year and she wanted to find some way to honour him. So this is going towards creating a scholarship fund in Pastor Senior's name," Fraser-Pryce's public relations manager, Sherie Ranston said. "We are hoping it will be an annual thing. Maybe next year we might have other events, but we will be raising funds towards this cause next year."

Fraser-Pryce, who travelled to Australia to support team Jamaica at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, will be at the event. Persons can register for the event at 54 Penwood Rd or www.runningevent.com.

Entrance fees are $600 for children and $1,200 for adults.

Registration closes at 6 p.m. today. There will be no registration on the day of the race.

"We have some beautiful trophies so people can come out and win something, and of course Shelly-Ann will be there," Ranston said.

"When Shelly-Ann called me and said that she wanted me to organise the event, it was her love for the community that moved me and that is why people should come out and support," Alfred 'Franno' Francis, director of Running Events Limited, said.


- Start - Ashoka Road

- 1K - Corner of Henley Road and West Bay Farm Road/38 Henley Road near Collins Wood Ice Cream Corner

- 1.75K - Water stop

- 2K - 57 Balcombe Drive

- 3K - 104 Olympic Way near Holt Road intersection

- 3.5K - Water stop/193 Bay Farm Road, St. Patrick's Primary School

- 4K - Intersection of Penwood Road & Bay Farm Road/near bus terminus

- Finish - Intersection of Penwood Road/Savitri Road

- Distance - 5.02K

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