Walking tall! - Fraser-Pryce proud of first 5K event

April 17, 2018

In any other race, she would have been disappointed with her result, but World and Olympic champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce,was all smiles when she crossed the line 27th in the inaugural SFP/Hugh Senior 5K run/walk in her community Waterhouse last Saturday.

"I finished 27th and I am proud. I have never walked before at a 5K. I normally run/walk but I committed myself to walking this 5K, mainly because I never went to training this morning (Saturday morning). So I committed myself to doing this 5K. Every single person who walked, big up unnu self. It's a lot of work. It is much harder to walk than to run, I am an athlete," Fraser-Pryce said.

Fraser-Pryce and her church, The Penwood Church of Christ, organised the 5K run/walk to commemorate the life of the late Pastor Hugh Senior, who worked at the church for many years in order to raise money to finance the schooling of children in Waterhouse.

"Pastor Senior was an awesome man. I have never met someone who worked so hard for the Kingdom, and also for the community. He is a person who loves young people. He is not partial to who you are, whether you are in church or not. I think he was an administrative pastor. He works a lot. Sometimes I would have to ask him if he is not tired," Fraser-Pryce said of Senior.

Fraser-Pryce was pleased with the number of people who turned out for the event.

"It is the first time we are hosting it, so I thought that we would get a small number of people. But I am really happy with the turnout, especially the number of persons who come from outside of the community," Fraser-Pryce said. "We are hoping that next time we host it, the runners would have told other runners and it will get bigger," Fraser-Pryce said.

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